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The WIKA-Airlines is a virtual airline. First and foremost, the VA serves the pursuit of a hobby and fun. The currency is vEUR (virtual euro). There are therefore no claims for payment in real or otherwise.

1. Designations
2. Membership
3. Social media
4. Tours and Events
5. Flights
6. Teamspeak 3
7. Severability clause
8. Final provisions
9. Penalties

1. Designations
a "Staff" means all members who are in administrative functions.
b "Member" or "Pilot" means the user of the offer 

2. Membership
a: By registering with WIKA Airlines, the pilot / member accepts the applicable rules and conditions

b: Membership is terminable at any time without giving reasons. The termination is to be submitted by mail to the staff.

c: The pilot has a minimum flying activity of 4 hours per month. For exceptions e.g. vacation, illness, etc. the team of staff must be informed in writing.
c1: If this minimum flight activity is not provided, the airline reserves the right to set the pilot from Active to Inactive status.

c2: After 3 months absence the account will be set to Inactive, after 6 months the account will be deleted.

d: Minors may only enter into a membership agreement with their legal guardians.

e: Membership is free.

f: There is no legal claim to membership.

g: The minimum age to pilot WIKA Airlines is 14 years. If you are under 14, contact the staff.

3. Social media
a: Participation in the TeamSpeak 3 server is desirable during the flight, for events and tours compulsory. 

4. Tours and events
a: Tours and events are provided by the airline and the route and tour manager named by the staff. Flying is desirable, but not mandatory. If you have any wishes or criticism, the route and tour manager should be notified of the request by e-mail, alternatively to be discussed in the TeamSpeak

b: To receive a tour or event award, the pilot must have completed the tour (badge or cash bonus).

5. Flights
a: Flights may only be reported with our ACARS system.

a1: If the system cannot be used, the pilot has to contact the staff.

b: The use of the call sign "WIKA Airlines" (WKA) in online networks such as IVAO is mandatory. In the remarks in the IVAO Flightplan the entry CS / WIKA-Airlines has to be used

c: Booking an aircraft locks it for other pilots.

c1: This lock has a length of - 24 hours, if the flight has not been started or

d: If the pilot flies a charter flight, the flight is automatically booked when the request is sent. He will then be assigned a flight number. For charter flights, the revenue is only 50%, the location of the aircraft does not change after completion of the charter flight (eg: starting point EDDL is retained)

e: The pilot is located at a fixed location, which he can change only by means of transfer or self-directed flight.

f: Aircraft can be demaged or destroyed due to procedural errors / pilot errors, e.g. hard landings, overspeeds, setting flaps too early, or stall. Grossly negligent acts will lead to the pilots involvement in the cost of repairing or disposing of the aircraft.

g: Sandbagging is not permitted.

h: If the flight is canceled, the flight will not be scored

6. Teamspeak 3 server rules
When leaving the standard channel "entrance hall", the following rules are automatically accepted: 
The nickname of the pilot consists of "WKA (number) | (First name)". Other names are not allowed.
The instructions of the staff are to be followed.
Interactions on the server should be respectful and always friendly. Not wanted: racist, harassing or otherwise objectionable statements against other pilots / users. These include e.g. Noise, spam of any kind or an inappropriate volume. Furthermore, it is prohibited to use a voice distorter or similar.
Recordings without the consent of all parties are not allowed.
The faking of known persons and / or companies is strictly forbidden for legal reasons.
In the absence of more than 15 minutes, use one of the AFK channels.
Disregard of the server team is prohibited.
In the event of violations of the rules a conversation with the staff members follows, resulting in a possible immediate termination.

6. Severability clause
If these conditions or parts thereof become invalid, they must be replaced by equivalent ones. The validity of these rules remains unaffected. 

7. Final provisions
Changes to these regulations will be announced by e-mail. 

8. Penalties
Violation Punishment 

Explanation: The pilot flies several
holdings in a certain period (hours)
above the arrival airport for
no apparent reason - fine
Second time sandbagging - 2 days suspension and fine Repeated sandbagging - 7 days suspension, Pilot is set to inactive.

Pilot destroys an airplane on purpose  - Cost of disposal 4 weeks suspension
Pilot negligently destroys an airplane - Individual decision by the staff.

Other Will be decided on a case-by-case basis